Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thaddeus (or the Infantata) + Tate + Nora = WOW.


Well, we certainly did learn a bit more about the infantata, in last night's episode, the Birth.

We also got a full front of the creepy little thing!!

Before I dive into the topic of the infantata and his relationship with Tate-- I want to make sure everyone knows about this awesome site: -- it's a site by FX that allows you to explore different rooms in the house, each room with it's own set of clues about a murder dating back to the 1940's with a dead bride -- seems as though there are at least 5 murders that have occurred in the house that we have yet to learn about.

What's really interesting to us, for this discussion, is the 1970's -- this was when Tate was a baby and judging from last night, apparently living in the house. I always knew there was something going on between the Infantata and Tate -- as he is the only ghost we see interact with him in the basement during scare tactics for high school bullies. Basically it's a room in the attic with a couple of different clues.

The first thing that will grab your attention is the projector screen, playing a movie on loop -- it's a movie of a little girl dressed in what looks to be a princess outfit. There's someone making a shadow puppet on the screen -- horns. We cut to a scene at the beach, which looks like there's a boy and a girl, here the shadow starts strangling the screen or what looks to be the little girl? We'll get back to this.

The next clue is a painting on the far left wall of a boy and a girl who look pretty close in age. There's blood splattered over the painting. Notice that the blood is only around the girl, there's none over the little boy.

Next clue: Blood stained ice skates? Creepy and gross.

The next clue is a mummified creature, that looks like a rabbit?!

Now the best clues of all are on the right hand wall. It's a story written and drawn by what seems like a little kid taped to the wall. Check out the screen shot of the stories.

The full story reads, "Alex was really small and didn’t know how to talk yet. But he had friends. Every night when his mom would put him in bed, he would play with a small monster with a really dark face. Alex wasn’t afraid of the monster because the monster told Alex all about dying and that it wasn’t that bad. When Alex told his mom about the monster she sent him away to camp to get rid of his bad ideas. Alex hated the camp, but it was ok because the dark monster came with him. After a week of trying to be a better baby. Alex got to go home. He promised his mom he wouldn’t talk to the monster again and Alex really tried. But the monster knew so many things. He taught Alex things that most babies don’t know and Alex liked that. So they kept playing. And then the dark monster invited other friends to play. A black cat and a rhinoceros. They were great animals and Alex loved them. But the dark monster told Alex that he had to kill them or else he would tell his mom about their playtime. So Alex asked that dark monster for a knife and he cut up the animals and put them in his drawer. No one ever found the animals even though they looked and looked for twenty four hours. It was hopeless but Alex knew where they were. And the dark monster never told Alex’s mom about what he did, EVER."

Watching the episode last night, I was convinced that the little boy Alex in the story was Tate, but as I read it over I'm beginning to wonder -- if this is in the 1970's, wasn't the flashback of Tate (presumably) meeting Thad for the first time in 1984? That wouldn't make sense. What do you think? Is Tate Alex in the story? Was Tate corrupted by the infantata at a young age?

I really think so. I want to talk a bit about the scene -- I thought it was telling the way Constance was passed out on the couch and Tate was running around the house, as if he was by himself. The door opening was comparable to the scene where Tate is popping up around the house in Piggy Piggy and the basement door opens inviting Violet to go downstairs. 

Regardless, baby Tate drops his truck downstairs and when he goes to retrieve is treated with a full view of the infantata, who starts grabbing at him. Who comes to save him in just the nick of time? Nora of course, acknowledging -- she yells at Thaddeus to go away -- which means she knows that is her former son and that he resides in the house. 

I've been reading that people are suggesting the infantata did indeed die and is a ghost, not a living being. Tate gives Violet the same advice Nora gave him years before: "Close your eyes and tell them to go away" when the ghosts seem to be frightening her. Doesn't this only work with ghosts? Could Nora have killed the re-made baby Thaddeus when she attacked him with a letter opener? Maybe she just didn't realize he was dead after she did that because he immediately turned into a ghost. I'm going with the theory that the infantata is a ghost, but with some special evil powers of his known.

It's clear in the story above that the dark little monster is indeed the infantata -- but who does he corrupt? I'm really leaning towards the theory that he corrupted Tate and he doesn't remember certain events that the infantata was controlling him. What do you think?

I enjoyed learning the back-story of Tate and Nora's relationship. To the people who were suggesting he was in love with her, no way. Never thought that for a moment, he definitely does share a maternal connection with her, as it seems in that scene, she was one of the first to ever protect him and treat him like a son. Pausing for a moment, don't you sort of feel bad for Tate? His mother was an abusive, drunken psycho who killed his father, his mother's boy-toy killed his brother, he was a little boy meeting ghosts and evil demons in the basement, he had no guidance. I really do sort of feel bad for him, is it any wonder he's so screwed up?

I want to go back to the fact that Nora acknowledged Thaddeus as her son and that Tate needed protecting from him, but yet in present day when Tate walks in, she doesn't know him. Does Nora still know that Thaddeus is in the house? Do we maybe not know the real reason she wants a baby so bad? We've never seen her and Dr. Montgomery interact until last night's episode, when he hands her the still-born baby. 

Seems to me like there's a lot more to this... at least we know why Tate was so dead-set on pleasing Nora, which he know apparently regrets since he's in love with Violet. Here's to hoping we explore Tate and the infantata's relationship in the finale!

So what do you think? Does the story from have anything to do with Tate? Are Tate's evil ways a product of the Infantata? Why have we never seen Nora acknowledge the creep in the basement that's her son in present day? Is there another reason other than her sheer desire for a baby that is causing Nora to cry and be obsessed with a baby?


  1. I love the interactive house and had so much fun exploring while waiting for the show to begin. As far as Tate being the boy from the 70's room, i'm not so sure. Maybe the little boys story was meant to introduce us to the character of the Infantata. But i dont think it fits with Tate's timeline. Although it certainly does sound like the child in the story was interacting with one of the ghosts of the house and it was definitely influencing his behavior. Great ideas. I would love to hear what other people think. And i truly hope they work the characters from into the show. I would love to see their stories played out on screen.

  2. I don't think the boy in the story can be Tate. The twins are killed in the house in 1978, and the house is deserted and in pretty bad shape then, so I'd guess Constance's family moved in at some point after that.

  3. Nora seems to forget people as she seems very absent-minded. She doesn't know who Vivien is in Aftrebirth until she comes closer.

    Thaddaeus is either ghost or old man-baby, or he has died much later than in 1926 which would explain that no one seems to have found his body from nursery?

    is the girl a daughter of Constance that just isn't mentioned? Tate killed her and Constance just says she has had so much tragedy in her life?